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Recipes can live longer in use these tricks while washing

Recipes are one of the most used everyday garments, but the process of washing them is not so practical. You may have worn the same pairs several times before inserting them for washing, but in order not to be damaged in a very short time, care must be taken in the washing process.

Surely, it has happened to you that they are confused among other clothes, and even tied behind them. Now there is good news. There are several ways to wash them in the washing machine without damaging them and so they will last even longer.

Use the delicate clothing cycle
Always wash the panties with the delicate dress cycle. By washing them slowly, they will not be damaged because this process eliminates traction. Thus, you will help to maintain elasticity, without forgetting to use cold and not hot water.

Use the right detergent
Using the right detergent makes the difference. You can use a detergent that removes stains and dirt, but maybe it can damage the material in a very short time. So the choice should always be a detergent for delicate outfits.

Wash in a “bag”
Use a kind of mesh bag, which does not allow the recipes to be rotated several times in the washing machine. This type of use helps the recipes to be washed without being stretched or damaged.

Always let dry on a hanger
The real damage happens during drying, when a good portion of us use clothespins. They create the extension and expansion of the recipes. You should always leave the recipes in natural drying, so that the material is not damaged and the elasticity as well.

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